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Friday, 21 December 2012

Full grids for MSV F4

The BRDC Formula 4 Championship has now sold a remarkable 24 cars for its inaugural season, less than a month after applications were made available.
Initially series organisers MSV planned on building 20 cars but huge demand from teams and privateers means that an additional four MSV F4-013 cars will now be supplied by Ralph Firman’s RFR company.

Jonathan Palmer, Formula 4 Series Director, said: “The fact that our full grid of 24 cars has been sold in just one month is an outstanding success story in a challenging economic climate. It is also clear proof that the concept of our BRDC Formula 4 Championship is exactly what competitors have wanted for many years.” 
Palmer added: “At MSV we recognised that a new state-of-the-art single seater, with wings and slicks, the greatest control on equality and lots of track time, was vital to appeal to young aspiring F1 drivers. And that to make it attainable our F4 car had to be much more affordable than other new single seaters and also set new standards for low operating costs. I am absolutely thrilled with the response and the BRDC and MSV are very excited about making the BRDC Formula 4 Championship super-competitive and prestigious for drivers whilst providing teams with thriving sustainable operations.”

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