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Monday, 10 October 2011

Generating Solar Power and getting paid!

Government 'Feed-in-tariffs' have been introduced allowing you to gain an income guaranteed for 25 years from the electricity you generate from Solar panels fitted onto the roof of your property or land. The returns on investment are significant and dwarf returns from the banks and other financial institutions. for a guide of how the returns could work for you follow the link below for a free detailed calculator.

Car detailing

Car detailing is not new, the term having been coined in the US and now gaining momentum throughout the English speaking world. Originally the domain of enthusiasts who love to maintain their vehicles to 'show' or concours standard, the techniques used combined with advanced bodyshop & car paint practices, have now moved more into the mainstream, being used by people wanting to return their 'pre-loved', used or sometimes even abused car to showroom or nearly new condition.