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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Toyota GT86

Toyota GT86

Unveiled at the Tokyo motor show, this joint venture project with fellow Japanese manufacturer Subaru, is a compact four seat GT car, similar in stature to the Mazda MX5.

The GT86 comes with a high revving 4 cylinder 2 litre 'boxer' engine producing 197BHP initially (though no doubt there will be more powerful units waiting in the wings) and from the promo pictures looks stunning. Low-ish weight (1220kg) and 53/47 weight distribution split with power supplied to the rear wheels, should ensure a lively sweet handling little sports car.

Car buff's will know that the power unit comes from Subaru, they have persevered with the 'boxer' design, and won many Rallies and Rallying World Championships using it. Although within the motor trade, those in the know reckon that Subaru engines, especially when in a higher state of tune, can be a little fragile. But, to counter, if you tune any engine, especially by increasing RPM, you risk making that engine more susceptible to failure, and given that the niche carved out by Subaru, means they market predominantly to the kind of buyer who is looking to 'enhance performance' to put it politely! well, what would you expect! I've never owned one, but love the 'burble' made when they drive by, it's something a little bit different in a world where the vast majority of engines follow the well-worn-and-slightly-dull-but-consistent in-line four cylinder path.

All in all, I, for one am looking forward to seeing the motoring magazines review of this car and it's sister Subabru BRZ. The photo below shows the Subaru, so that you can see the family resemblance.

Subaru BRZ

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